Node.js performance monitoring with Prometheus 

8 min read

This article helps you to understand what to monitor if you have a Node.js application in production, and how to use Prometheus – an open source solution, which provides powerful data compressions and fast data querying for time series data – for Node.js monitoring. If you want to learn more about Node.js and reliability engineering, Read more

Connect with Microsoft at the Node Summit 

4 min read

We’re in San Francisco this week for Node Summit, the largest conference focused exclusively on Node.js and “The Ecosystem of Node.” From Day Zero workshops to sessions on the rapidly evolving Node community, there are several ways to connect with some of our resident Node pros at the event. Outside of catching up with us Read more


Node.js and Azure is a winning combination for Microsoft's Open Source Programs Office 

2 min read

Post by Jeff McAffer and Jeff Wilcox  Thousands of Microsoft engineers use, contribute to, and release open source projects every day across every platform, from the cloud to client operating systems, programming languages and more. Microsoft’s Open Source Programs Office (OSPO) supports these engineers, helping to drive open source culture, policies, processes, and tools. The Read more

Meet up with JavaScript and TypeScript pros in Prague, Bucharest, and Łódź 

1 min read

Last week, our resident JavaScript and TypeScript pros, Josh Gavant and Dan Silver began a tour through Central and Eastern Europe, covering how these popular open source technologies are supported on Microsoft’s cloud platform. There are a few more stops this week, including Prague, Bucharest, and Łódź. Below are summaries of what’s included in each Read more

Announcing the availability of N|Solid in the Azure Marketplace 

1 min read

As part of Microsoft’s vision for Node.js in the cloud, we’re excited to announce the availability of N|Solid in the Azure Marketplace. N|Solid is a 100% compatible Node.js runtime, that has been enhanced to enable increased control and visibility into the state of your production deployments. It does this by providing additional enterprise-grade capabilities such Read more

Running the MEAN stack on Microsoft Azure – Part II 

7 min read

In the Part I of this blog post, we discussed why many customers are choosing the MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node) stack as an efficient and powerful approach to building web applications. We also reviewed how to get started with Express, Angular and Node development on Azure. Today, in Part II, we’ll turn our Read more


Running the MEAN stack on Microsoft Azure (Part I) 

5 min read

Many customers are choosing the MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node) stack as an efficient and powerful approach to building web applications. In this two-part blog, I’ll detail why and how to use Microsoft Azure to host a Linux-based MEAN stack, leveraging Azure’s enterprise features like high availability, scalability and fault tolerance to run web Read more

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Speed deployment of Node.js applications on Azure with Bitnami – Webinar on Demand 

1 min read

Speed deployment of Node.js applications on Azure with Bitnami is a free on-demand webinar, conducted by Jose Miguel Parrella (Open Source Product Manager with Microsoft Azure) and Simon Bennett (VP of Product from Bitnami). Learn more about this webinar and register to watch it instantly. Developers love using Bitnami application stacks in Azure. Why? It’s Read more

Microsoft at OSCON 2016 

4 min read

A planeload of open source enthusiasts from across Microsoft are joining the more than 4,200 participants at OSCON this week, to focus on how the open source ecosystem is playing a key role in technology innovation – from mobile development and IoT to microservices and containers. Openness is crucial to enabling a thriving technology ecosystem Read more


Updates to Node.js SDK for Azure Mobile Apps 

<1 min read

Last fall, Microsoft announced the first alpha release for the Node.js SDK for Azure App Service Mobile Apps. Since then, the Azure team has been busy enhancing the SDK with user feedback, to make it easier to build and run mobile backends using Node.js on App Service. From a Yeoman generator to more samples on Read more

Connect with Microsoft's open source pros on Periscope 

1 min read

Over the next several weeks, Microsoft is hosting a Microsoft + Open Source Q&A series on Periscope with members of teams across Microsoft who use open source software in their day-to-day jobs. From Node.js and PHP to Docker and Red Hat, our resident pros will be taking and answering questions from Twitter followers. Sessions will Read more