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SAP on Azure–Designing for Efficiency and Operations 

Robust SAP on Azure Architectures are built on the pillars of Security, Performance and Scalability, Availability and Recoverability, and Efficiency and Operations. Within this blog we will a cover a range of Azure services and a new GitHub repository which can support operational efficiencies for your SAP applications running on Azure....

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Announcing the Open Application Model (OAM), an open standard for developing and operating applications on Kubernetes and other platforms 

Kubernetes has become the leading container orchestration environment. Its success has driven the remarkable growth of Kubernetes services on every public cloud. However, the core resources in Kubernetes like Services and Deployments represent disparate pieces of an overall application. They do not represent the application itself. Likewise, objects like Helm charts represent a potentially deployable...

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Announcing the general availability of Desktop Analytics 

Desktop Analytics—the cloud-connected service that helps IT professionals take a data-driven approach to Windows endpoint management—is now generally available. The post Announcing the general availability of Desktop Analytics appeared first on Microsoft 365 Blog....

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Announcing Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr), an open source project to make it easier for every developer to build microservice applications 

It is remarkable to see the transformation over the last few years as more and more developers build scalable, cloud native applications, taking advantage of managed services to deploy and run them. With this transformation, microservice architectures have become the standard for building cloud native applications, and it is predicted that by 2022, 90% of...

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New scenarios added to Dynamics 365 Higher Education Accelerator 

Dynamics 365 Higher Education Accelerator now includes internships, scholarships, grants, accomplishments, and more. Technology is transforming how institutions engage with students and their constituents and improving student outcomes. Last year at Educause we released the Microsoft Higher Education Accelerator which provided a data model and sample apps and analytics tailored for higher education. Along the...

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Data sovereignty for defense 

Just like all organizations, defense agencies have a lot to gain by moving from an on-premises environment to the cloudincluding more effective communications with allies and partners. The post Data sovereignty for defense appeared first on Microsoft Industry Blogs....

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Microsoft Azure AI hackathon’s winning projects 

We are excited to share the winners of the first Microsoft Azure AI Hackathon, hosted on Devpost. Developers of all backgrounds and skill levels were welcome to join and submit any form of AI project, whether using Azure AI to enhance existing apps with pre-trained machine learning (ML) models, or by building ML models from...

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