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Examples of extending Dynamics 365 Customer Insights with Azure ML 

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights offers a platform to integrate customer data from various sourcesinto one unified view.This unified data presents a perfect starting point for building custom machine learning(ML)models to generate key business metrics. In an earlier blog, we saw how to bring custom ML models from Azure Machine Learning (AML) Studio to work with...

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MFG Day: Creators wanted to manufacture a better future 

Manufacturingand the technology that makes it more intelligentis shaping our future in exciting ways that benefit manufacturers, their employees and customers, and the world at large. Supporting responsible and sustainable manufacturing aligns with Microsofts mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. We showcased Augmenting human intelligence: The future...

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Extending Dynamics 365 Customer Insights with Azure ML-based custom models 

AI-enabled Dynamics 365 Customer Insights helps unifying data from multiple sources within an organization and generates a single, end-to-end view of the customer. This 360-degree customer view can be used to discover insights to optimize customer engagement and drive personalized customer experiences. This unified data is an ideal source to build machine learning (ML) models...

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What’s new in Dynamics 365 Resource Scheduling Optimization (version 3.0.19263.1) 

Applies to: Dynamics 365 version 9.0 and higher, Field Service solution version 7.x or 8.x We are excited to announce the General Availability of Resource Scheduling Optimization v3.0 update release (3.0.19263.1). This release includes a number of new features including: Resource role matching New resource preference: Must Choose From As soon as possible (ASAP) objective...

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ISVs: Recertify your Dynamics 365 Applications apps by October 15 

ISVs have until October 15th to recertifyDynamics 365applicationsin the AppSource marketplace. One of our most important goals for the Business Applications ISV ecosystem is ensuring that every application in the AppSource marketplace is of high quality.Apps in the marketplace are software as a service (SaaS) based offerings. This is important for everyone involved customers Read...

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AI models for topic discovery in Customer Service Insights 

As mentioned in our previous blog post Advanced AI topic clustering in Customer Service Insights, we’re publishing a series of “AI inside-out” blog posts to cover the key areas on how AI works in Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights. One of the key AI features that Customer Service Insights supports is automatically grouping similar support...

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Unboxing new Microsoft Azure solutions at SpringOne Platform 2019 

Spring and Java are first-class citizens on Microsoft Azure and our engineering teams have been working really hard for the past few years to make the developer experience for building and running Spring applications on Azure delightful and productive. To present to you this teams great work, Microsoft is again coming to SpringOne Platform this...

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