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Congratulating NASCIO on 50 years of government excellence 

Ahead of its 2019 Midyear Conference, Microsoft recognizes the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) as it celebrates 50 years of fostering government excellence. The post Congratulating NASCIO on 50 years of government excellence appeared first on Microsoft Industry Blogs....

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How Kiewit drives workplace innovation for construction   

If you walk through a Kiewit construction site, youll see foremen and superintendents with mobile devices in hand. From inputting data to signing out time cards at the end of the day, everything is digitized and touched by technology. Most construction companies arent known for using advanced technology, but Kiewit is changing that. Founded in...

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Announcing KEDA: bringing event-driven containers and functions to Kubernetes 

Event-driven architectures areanatural evolution of microservices, enabling a flexible and decoupleddesign, andare increasingly being adopted byenterprise customers. Fully managed serverless offerings like Azure Functions are event–driven bydesign, butwe have been hearing from customers about gapsinthesecapabilitiesforsolutionsbased onKubernetes.Scalingin Kubernetesis reactive,based on the CPU and memory consumption of a container. In contrast, services like Azure Functions are acutely...

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