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Govern low-code assets with Managed Environments for Microsoft Power Platform 

3 min read

Today, we are thrilled to announce a major new pillar investment area of Microsoft Power Platform: a capability called Managed Environments. Managed Environments offer a set of enhanced out-of-the-box governance capabilities that will simplify, automate, and streamline IT administration of Microsoft Power Platform at scale. The first wave of Managed Environment capabilities is now available Read more


Discover how Power Platform helps make fusion development faster and easier 

4 min read

For years, we’ve spoken about the four million developer shortage and the struggle to find technical talent that 86 percent of organizations face. t Microsoft Power Platform, we’ve sought to help alleviate some of these gaps over the years with tooling such as the capability to build custom connectors and APIs that directly integrate into Read more


Accelerate innovation with low-code applications using Power Platform 

5 min read

We used to talk about why low-code is important and why companies need to embrace it. We have moved beyond that and most organizations get it. The demand for apps is unprecedented and you aren’t able to hire enough technical talent to meet demand; without low-code you are simply not able to keep up. We Read more


New Power Platform features reinforce end-to-end security, management, monitoring, and compliance 

9 min read

As the pace of digital transformation continues to accelerate, the demand for more applications and automation is at the center of that change. Increasingly, more organizations are adopting low-code tooling to enable anyone to build solutions tailored to meet their business needs. However, along with the benefit of building solutions faster, the risk of accidental Read more


Microsoft Power Platform is the best way for teams to build together 

11 min read

Many organizations are embracing fusion development to build better applications faster by bringing together professional developers with citizen, or low-code, developers and IT professionals. With Microsoft cloud, fusion teams can collaborate on low-code solutions using Microsoft Power Platform to create apps, flows, and bots—which has shown to deliver up to twice the reach of apps Read more


Solve IT governance and admin challenges with new features for Power Platform 

10 min read

To respond to the growing demand for digital solutions, organizations are increasingly looking for ways to drive accelerated app innovation. Low-code platforms like Microsoft Power Platform help IT professionals move faster through collaboration with the business allowing for delivery of more solutions with greater efficiency, security, and compliance. Current market conditions are challenging for IT Read more