QCoDeS is an open source data acquisition framework that was created by distilling the homegrown solutions used in Station Q’s experimental labs, and infused with all the best practices from the open source software world. It includes a simple syntax to define complex sweeps over n-dimensional parameter space, all the machinery required to visualize and store data, and a solid platform to write and extend protocols to communicate with hardware over a variety of transport layers. The goal is a common framework for scientific experiments, controllable by a computer with many degrees of freedom. QCoDeS enables scientists to get started more quickly in experiments, equips them with the knowledge they need to move smoothly across labs and teams, and facilitates easy writing of custom extensions—forming the foundation for a solid and well-tested base.

QCoDeS’ ongoing development is carried out in close collaboration with Station Q’s experimental physicists in Copenhagen, Delft, and Sydney. QCoDeS is distributed as a Python package on PyPi, and the source code is available with an MIT license on GitHub, where the community-driven development also takes place.

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