Each year, Microsoft Build brings together tech creators for a conference on emerging technological concepts. Last week, Build featured two sessions on quantum computing led by Dr. Julie Love, Director of Microsoft Quantum Computing Business Development, and John Azariah, Principal Software Engineer on the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit and Q# coding language.

The sessions, available below for online streaming, explained quantum computing’s industry-spanning implications, as well as the unique approach Microsoft is taking in the field. The presenters also walked Microsoft Build attendees through the Quantum Development Kit and explained how to build a program in Q#, the only native programming language for quantum development.


Empowering the quantum revolution with Q# : Build 2018

Learn to build you first quantum solution with the Quantum Development Kit and Q# : Build 2018

Please enjoy these on-demand quantum Microsoft Build sessions, then get started on your own quantum program by downloading the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit today.


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