The potential for quantum computing to solve new problems is sparking interest in people with a wide range of backgrounds and interests, from scientific researchers to business leaders, developers, and students. While many people have heard of quantum computing, they may not yet understand exactly what it is, or how to get started in the field.

Whether you are curious to learn about the basics of quantum computing, or you are an experienced developer already working on quantum computing projects, you can find personalized educational materials to help you achieve your goals on the Azure Quantum Learning webpage.

Build a personalized learning portfolio

By answering three questions related to your interests and experience on the webpage, you get a set of customized materials tailored to your needs. For example, you’ll be asked why you’re interested in quantum, what areas you’re interested in, and your self-assessed knowledge levels in quantum computing, programming, and linear algebra. Based on the combination of your answers, the webpage provides you with learning recommendations to explore further. You may save the result to your browser and share it with friends and colleagues.

The quantum training materials range from hands-on learning modules and programming exercises on quantum computing and optimization to open-source libraries, samples, and research publications that allow you to contribute to the growing quantum community. You can use the tutorials at your own pace and try out the different programming samples in quantum computing or optimization problems.

Explore the Azure Quantum platform for quantum computing

The Azure Quantum Learning page provides a starting point to learn about Azure Quantum, an open cloud service that enables developers to both build quantum programs to run on quantum hardware or to formulate optimization problems using the quantum-inspired optimization solvers to run on classical hardware. You can develop solutions on a trusted, scalable, and secure platform with access to a wide range of software, hardware, and pre-built solutions. As new quantum solutions become available, Microsoft makes it accessible for everyone to learn how to use them.

Take part in Azure Quantum events and projects

Build your quantum career by getting involved with the vibrant Azure Quantum ecosystem. We provide the tools to help you get started with this new technology and ways to learn how your projects can contribute to the quantum community. The learning page also includes community projects built by the open source communities like the Q# Community, HackadayU quantum classes, and books on quantum programming. If you have a quantum project, you can share it via the link on the learning page. Universities are also invited to join the Microsoft Quantum Network to access the curriculum developed by quantum experts in partnership with educators worldwide.

Explore Azure Quantum Learning today to start your customized learning journey into quantum computing and join the growing quantum community.