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Microsoft Quantum


Developing a topological qubit 

Learn what’s involved in the journey to create a topological qubit, including different stages of development, first-of-their-kind fabrication approaches, and an overview of the many fields of knowledge that come together to make this vision a reality....Read more

The Microsoft approach to quantum computing 

From development to deployment, Microsoft is empowering the quantum revolution with a complete approach to quantum systems. Highlighting our focus on scalability and outlining the full quantum stack—including control system, software, development tools, and Microsoft Azure integration—this post illustrates how our approach creates an integrated, streamlined environment for quantum processing....Read more

Achieving practical quantum computing 

To gain a broader understanding of quantum computing, check out this comprehensive overview from Microsoft Quantum Architect Dave Wecker. You’ll learn how quantum computing is different from classical computing, the types of problems a quantum computer can solve, and what makes topological qubits so unique....Read more

Achieving scalability in quantum computing 

While a variety of quantum systems exist today, many are unable to scale to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems. Explaining the real-world obstacles of building a quantum system that scales, this post explores how Microsoft addresses these challenges through a topological qubit....Read more

Video recap: Quantum computing at Microsoft Build 

Each year, Microsoft Build brings together tech creators for a conference on emerging technological concepts. Last week, Build featured two sessions on quantum computing led by Dr. Julie Love, Director of Microsoft Quantum Computing Business Development, and John Azariah, Principal Software Engineer on the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit and Q# coding language....Read more

Quantum computing at Microsoft Build 

Our annual developer event, Microsoft Build, will take place May 7- 9, 2018, at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. The event invites developers, engineers, programmers, and all-around tech creators to gather around emerging technological concepts, including quantum computing. This year, Microsoft Build will feature two sessions on quantum computing led by Dr. Julie...Read more

The quantum computing effect on public-key encryption 

Microsoft researchers studied the resources required to implement quantum algorithms for factoring large integers and for computing discrete logarithms in the context of elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). The post provides a deeper look at the results obtained in the published paper. Not only does the study put the Microsoft quantum tools to the test, the...Read more