Microsoft and Seagate have partnered with Jordan Gorfinkel, former editor of DC comics, to tell the story of our customers and partners, the unsung heroes of the technology world.  We are taking an “outside-in” approach where many of the stories and scenes come from people in the trenches.  The HHH Comic Series launches today at  The comic series is our way of celebrating the great work our customers and partners do every day in a fun and exciting way.  We have had a chance to preview a few of the upcoming strips and the artwork/story are really compelling.  The lead characters will travel the world and the comic will reflect not only the cultural and IT challenges of the countries they visit, but also incorporate the comic ‘style’ and art of the region.

The comic will be delivered daily via RSS and promotion of the Comic Series is primarily viral so readers can claim it as their own discovery.   There will be an announcement in the TechNET and MSDN Flash and some non-traditional PR.