Its 8:00am PST 2/26/2008, we are less than 24 hours from the SQL Server 2008 launch. Its going to be the culmination of efforts of several hundred people across Microsoft to make this a reality. Keep in mind that LA is just the kick off of a global series of events – over 220 with over 3000 community events. Its times like this when I am impressed with the coordination of efforts across over 20 countries to make this global launch happen. For LA itself – we are going to have an all star cast( we are in Hollywood after all ). We are kicking the day off with Steve Ballmer in the morning doing his keynote. The keynote will tie back to overall theme of the launch – {Heroes Happen Here} – celebrating you, who use our products on a daily basis, making contributions to the community and your organizations.

The fun then begins with the technical sessions – we have 16 – 4 per product – Windows Server, SQL Server and Visual studio and finally an IT Manager Track. In the SQL Server track – we brought the big guns out to LA. Dave Campbell, Technical Fellow in SQL Server, will kick off the sessions covering Security/ Scalability and HA. He will be followed by Tom Casey, General Manager of all things BI, covering IS, AS and RS. Praveen Sheshadri, Product Unit Manager, will cover manageability and Sam Druker, General Manager Data Programmability will wrap it up covering all the developer technologies in SQL Server. Of course – these guys are going to be helped with some of the best demoers from Christian Kleinerman, Donald Farmer, Dan Jones and Lance Olson. We will also have couple of surprise partners on stage during the sessions also – showing how they have used SQL Server 2008.

Well that’s it for now – Running to stage to walk through the prep for the keynote demos.