From xVelocity in-memory analytics and X-ray vision, to the ability to take on 1 million commands per second, I am Arkitektor, special agent of the Data Barrier Agency. In alliance with Microsoft SQL Server, the Data Barrier Agency’s goal is to fuse the top qualities of the world’s top DBA rock stars – top notch problem solving, technical prowess, and razor-sharp decision making – and amp them up to super hero status.

My mission: Introduce the people of SQL Server to the ultramodern SQL Server tools and capabilities available to DBA agents across the globe.

I invite you to visit the Microsoft SQL Server booth at PASS Summit 2012 in Seattle, Washington, to see my grand debut on the SQL Server scene.

In the meantime, here is your mission, should you choose to accept this role:

  • Arkitektor_Special_SQL_Server_Operative Join the conversations. Keep in contact with the Agency and fellow DBA agents by using the proper codes in your communications. Use hashtags #sqlserver, #sqlpass, #summit12 and #sql2012.
  • Play the #PASSword of the Day contest to win prizes. Follow @sqlserver on Twitter and watch for the #PASSword of the day. Use it in a tweet to @sqlserver with hashtag #PASSword, and the best tweets will win prizes! Keep your eyes peeled — additional instructions to follow on Twitter.
  • Crack the code and win. Stop by the Microsoft booth and pick up your code sheet. If you can crack the data visualization puzzle at our booth successfully, you will receive a SQL Server sleeve for your secret agent computer, and you will also be entered in our daily drawing to win an XBOX/Kinect bundle!
  • Enjoy our SQL Server special treats. Mix and mingle with fellow DBA agents by visiting the Microsoft booth on Thursday at 1 pm PST to sample our SQL Server Red Velvet cupcakes. While you’re there, have your photo taken with me, Arkitektor, and maybe you’ll see your photo up on the SQL Server social channels!
  • Wear your Agency attire on Friday, November 9th and earn a chance to win an XBOX/Kinect bundle. Wear any SQL Server T-shirt that you’ve acquired on your mission this week, and we will select one secret agent at random on Friday who will win an XBOX/Kinect bundle.

Join me and the SQL team on Twitter and Facebook, where you’ll learn about other special PASS events and contests including chances to win an XBOX. Use #sqlpass and mention that Arkitektor sent you.