SQL_Holiday_GuideTitleIdeally the holidays are a time to catch up with friends, family and food. But end-of-year deadlines and work emergencies can also make it a stressful time. Between the festivities, you may face some tough choices. Do I go to John’s holiday beer bash, or do I finish up the playhouse I’m building for Suzy? I’m on call and I know an emergency may come in while I’m at the party? Should I really go? I’ll likely end up checking my email every thirty seconds.

We know these are tough calls to make, so the SQL Team wanted to offer some help.

We compiled a Holiday Gift Guide and a Holiday Etiquette Guide to assist. The Holiday Gift Guide is just that –a list of gifts a DBA would enjoy giving and getting this holiday season. We know you don’t have time to build everyone an original by hand, and while it’s tough to admit, many of your gifts may end up last minute purchases. Before jetting out, consult the list of gifts we’ve provided, so you make a choice out of inspiration not desperation.

And you’ll probably need a card to go with that. We got that covered too. The set of cards includes zombies and cats for the joker in the next cube and traditional warm greetings for your aunt. If your aunt is the joker in the next cube, then we have you really covered. (Share, or download and tweet or email the cards from Facebook.)

The Etiquette Guide lists some pointers for how to tactfully decline a holiday invitation due to a work emergency or any other work-related conflict. Be honest. Send a gift. Don’t over-explain yourself. Check out the guide for more.

We know balancing work and holiday duties is tricky. We hope to make it easier.  You can find all of these nifty reads in the complete SQL Server Holiday Guide.  Share it on Facebook.

The SQL Team wishes everyone a very happy holidays!