Edgenet provides optimized product data for suppliers, retailers, and search engine. Used online and in stores, Edgenet solutions ensure that businesses and consumers can make decisions based on timely, accurate product information. And that speed of information is critical – when a customer is searching online, they have to have a great experience, or they are just going to go to another website to buy the product they’re looking for. The experience needs to be very concise and give them the information they want in a quick manner.

Edgenet was already familiar with the advantages of Microsoft client in-memory technologies such as PowerPivot and were keen to see how they could extend the advantages to their OLTP systems. Edgenet realized it could take advantage of In-Memory OLTP to improve throughput and eliminate read-write locks. The company decided to become an early adopter of the technology, which would be built into SQL Server 2014. As Michael Steineke, VP of IT says ‘We knew In-Memory OLTP would be a game changer for us’.

The traditional system was updated once a day, and the process took a few hours. Using In-Memory OLTP the new system can be done 7 times faster in about 20 minutes, and the system isn’t down while it’s being updated. It’s all done real-time!

As well as improved speed, Edgenet were also pleased that In-Memory OLTP uses the same tool set that the developers and DBAs are used to. To them it looks, basically, like standard SQL Server, even though under the covers it’s completely different.

The company also expects to increase customer satisfaction with real-time access to information. “Our reputation is based on providing highly accurate and clean data for products,” says Steineke. “With In-Memory OLTP in SQL Server 2014, we can ensure that we’re giving the correct data to the end-customer or sales associate. It’s all about being presented with the right data, at the right time, and in a form that’s easy to use.”