SQL Server 2014 introduces the new In-Memory OLTP feature to boost performance of OLTP workloads. In an earlier blog post, Quentin Clark described how In-Memory OLTP has helped customers achieve performance gains up to 30X.

To help you get started with the new In-Memory OLTP feature in SQL Server 2014 we created a sample around sales order processing based on the AdventureWorks sample database. This is an update of the sample we published back in November following the CTP2 release.

Installation instructions and documentation can be found on MSDN:


The sample script can be downloaded from Codeplex:


We encourage you to download and install the sample to become familiar with the new memory-optimized tables and natively compiled stored procedures, introduced by the In-Memory OLTP feature in SQL Server 2014.

The documentation also contains instruction for running a demo workload which can be used to measure the performance of the sample on your system, and to contrast the performance of the new memory-optimized tables with traditional disk-based tables.

You can post feedback and questions about the sample on the SQL Server Samples Forum.