Faster transactions, faster queries and faster analytics. Sounds like nirvana right? Just imagine it… your customers can find what they want from your large product catalog more quickly and purchase without huge lags. Your business divisions can perform timely analytics highlighting product, web site, and data trends. It’s all possible with in-memory technologies, and Microsoft SQL Server 2014’s in-memory is the secret speed sauce you need to realize these benefits.  

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 offers optimized in-memory technologies for transaction processing (OLTP), data warehousing and data analytics built right into the product. We have a long history with in-memory technologies in SQL Server (more on that in a subsequent blog post), and the enhancements we’ve made to the In-Memory ColumnStore provide greater data compression and increased performance, resulting in world-record benchmarks on industry standard hardware.

So what does all this mean for you? Significant performance gains for starters. Microsoft’s in-memory solution leads to up to 30x faster transactions, over 100x faster queries and reporting, and easy management of millions of rows of data in Excel. The following video highlights just how in-memory can help speed your business:

Of course, gains vary by situation, but check out a few of our customers and how they’ve benefited from the latest in-memory improvements in SQL Server 2014:

  • Nasdaq was able to decrease query times from days to minutes, while at the same time reducing storage costs by 10x.
  • Bwin, using our in-memory technology on standard commodity servers, was able to boost performance gains by 17x and queries by 340x.
  • EdgeNet realized near-real time inventory updates and higher customer satisfaction because of the 7x faster performance our in-memory gave them.

Best of all, Microsoft’s in-memory solution is included in SQL Server 2014 at no additional cost. It can be used on industry-standard hardware, without the need for expensive upgrades, and there are no new development tools, management tools or APIs to learn. We invite you to visit where you can see more about our in-memory solution, how customers are using it to speed their business, and how you can get started.