We’ve been talking a lot lately about our in-memory technology in SQL Server. If you attended the PASS Summit last week you likely heard a fair share. So, why all the fuss? Simply put, SQL Server 2014’s in-memory delivers serious business impact. According to CMS Wire “Microsoft SQL 2014 just may be the most complete in-memory solution on the market.”

Last week we told you the story of Dell and how they have boosted website performance and enabled faster online shopping experiences with SQL Server’s in-memory online transaction processing technology. Dell is not alone. Nasdaq, Bwin and EdgeNet all have seen significant performance gains. Let’s take a look at another customer, Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics, an electrical and mechanical devices manufacturer, uses its Statistical Process Control system to manage quality control for its large-scale manufacturing facilities.  As the system evolved and became more complex, database performance suffered, impacting manufacturing quality.  To stabilize and increase performance, Samsung Electro-Mechanics implemented SQL Server 2014 in-memory OLTP and CCI (Clustered Columnstore Indexes).

By doing so, Samsung Electro-Mechanics was able to increase transactional performance by 24x using in-memory OLTP, and improve query and reporting by 22x using the in-memory Columnstore.  These performance gains far exceeded their initial goal of improving overall performance by 2x.

So consider what impact SQL Server in-memory could have on your business.

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