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SQL Server Blog

This year has been marked by a combination of challenges and change. Like so many people and organizations across the globe, we have all faced uncertainly and the need to adapt.

Recently, the PASS organization, formerly known as the Professional Association for SQL Server, announced it will cease operations on January 15, 2021. We would like to thank PASS for its work to grow and support our SQL family over the last two decades.

Although Microsoft built SQL Server, it’s clear that the passion and dedication from each of you is what makes it thrive.

To keep our community going, we are providing you with some resources to help you continue to connect with one another, learn and develop your skills, and grow in your careers. Look for the following resources by the end of January:

  • Community – We are building a community landing page for local user groups to increase visibility and discover communities and resources. The site will showcase local user groups to help grow their membership and share upcoming meetings and events. This web presence will also point to new and existing training and resources covering SQL Server and Azure Data.
  • Empowerment – We will provide the space and tools for local user group leaders to establish and nurture their user groups. They will be able to manage their groups, including membership lists and content created.
  • Connections – We want you to keep and deepen the connections that are at the heart of our community. To do so, we will invite qualified user groups to join our Meetup Pro network, which will provide tools for you to organize and grow. We will also provide access for qualified user groups to Microsoft Teams so you can meet virtually. More details will be coming soon.

If you are a user group leader interested in finding out more about how to access and use these resources, or if you have additional feedback on how we can best support the SQL community, please let us know.