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SQL Server 2017 Features Bring ‘Choice’ to Developers 

Data is everywhere today: in the cloud, on premises, and everywhere in between, tied up in systems of nearly endless complexity. Microsoft solutions allow developers to innovate while also scaling and growing their data infrastructure. In SQL Server 2016 SP1, SQL Server made available a consistent programmable surface layer for all its editions, making it...

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SQL Server 2017 on Linux surpasses 1 million Docker pulls as the next preview version rolls out 

This post was authored by Rohan Kumar, General Manager, Database Systems Group SQL Server 2017 makes it easier and simpler to work with data, with more deployment options than before and monthly preview releases offering regular innovation and improvements. The momentum behind these new options is clear. We are excited to mark a new milestone:...

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Build intelligent applications with help from Microsoft App Accelerate 

Today’s exec is rudely awakened daily to ever-changing customer expectations. Last year’s huge investments were popular for a few months, but suddenly the “next big thing” is turning attention—and attracting budgets—elsewhere. How do you stay competitive with data and security? How do you ensure your applications scale across cloud and mobile? Microsoft unveiled a new...

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