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Modernize your SQL Server at the PASS Summit 2018 

Each year thousands of data professionals make the annual visit to Seattle, Washington for the Professional Association for SQL Server Summit. This is a community driven organization and event but Microsoft has been a major contributor, sponsor, and part of this summit since its inception. This is the second post in a series leading up to...Read more

Microsoft releases the latest update of Analytics Platform System 

Microsoft is pleased to announce that the Analytics Platform System (APS) appliance update 7 (AU7) is now generally available. APS is Microsoft’s scale-out Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) system based on SQL Server for data warehouse specific workloads on-premises. Customers will get significantly improved query performance and enhanced security features with this release. APS AU7 builds...Read more

Keeping freight moving in Denmark with SQL Server 2016 

Efficient data management keeps goods flowing smoothly in Denmark. Danske Fragtmaend, the country’s largest national transport and distribution firm, has been moving freight for more than a century. Today, Danske Fragtmaend delivers more than 40,000 consignments each day throughout Denmark, and businesses from small mom-and-pop operations to factories rely on its services. The firm handles...Read more

Five reasons to run SQL Server 2016 on Windows Server 2016 – No. 5: Consistent data environment across hybrid cloud environments 

This means that you can choose a hybrid deployment and take advantage of any of the four basic options for hosting SQL Server: SQL Server in on-premises non-virtualized physical machines SQL Server in on-premises virtualized machines SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machine. This is SQL Server installed and hosted in the cloud on Windows Server...Read more

The top 5 reasons to upgrade to SQL Server 2016 

Upgrading your software can be daunting, we know. The fast pace of business makes it easy to tell yourself, “I’ll do it later when I have time.” We get it! But here are five key reasons to make time to upgrade to SQL Server 2016, which was named DBMS of the Year in 2016 by...Read more

SQL Server named DBMS of the Year by DB-Engines 

SQL Server was recently named DBMS of the Year by DB-Engines. DB-Engines is an initiative to collect and present information on database management systems, and provides a widely accepted popularity ranking of database management systems, and has been created and maintained by solid IT, an Austrian company with a special focus on database consulting and...Read more

Announcing Columnstore Indexes and Query Store support in Database Engine Tuning Advisor 

The latest version of Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine Tuning Advisor (DTA) supports two new features: (a) Ability to recommend columnstore indexes in addition to rowstore indexes, and (b) Ability to automatically select a workload to tune from the Query Store. These new features are available when tuning for SQL Server 2016 Database Engine (or later)...Read more

Welcome 2017! Recap of top SQL Server posts of 2016 

We start off the new year with a quick recap of our most popular posts on this blog channel from the year just concluded. Here are the posts that got the most number of views from our readers during 2016, in increasing order of readership: 10. SQL Server 2016 Express Edition in Windows containers In...Read more