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Azure SQL digital event: Innovate today with Azure SQL 

In today’s data-driven world, companies are increasingly looking to the cloud to reduce their infrastructure and administrative costs and provide the on-demand scalability to match their customers’ ever-changing requirements—without sacrificing security, reliability, or cost. ...Read more

Azure SQL digital event: Transform your applications with Azure SQL 

The impact of COVID-19 has accelerated several trends that already existed in the database world. Overnight, many companies have seen traffic on external and internal applications skyrocket as people adjust to the new normal. The urgency to move from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud has only increased while customers already using managed cloud databases are...Read more

Azure Migration Virtual Event: Best practices for Windows Server and SQL Server 

Many customers impacted by end of support for Windows Server and SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 are considering migrating to the cloud. With security and compliance being key drivers, the move from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud seems more obvious now than ever. Migration is the first step in the journey to the cloud...Read more

Introducing the SQL Server 2019 video learning series 

SQL Server 2019 is the new data platform to solve the challenges of the modern data professional including capabilities and solutions such as: SQL Server Big Data Clusters combining the power of SQL Server, Hadoop, Apache Spark™, and Kubernetes to provide an end-to-end data and machine learning platform. Data virtualization through Polybase Intelligent query processing...Read more

A SQL Server tale of two cities 

No one disputes that data is critical to the lifeblood of business, applications, and the computer industry. SQL Server sits at the forefront of any discussion about data these days. So it’s no coincidence that SQL Server is seen, heard, and felt at major industry events. As a leader in the Azure Data SQL Server...Read more

An Engineer and a tiger walk into a Clinic at the PASS Summit 2018 

Sounds like there should be a punchline right? Well, there is. Microsoft will be in full force at PASS Summit 2018, and this is the third blog post in a series describing the involvement of the Microsoft SQL Server engineering team there. You can read more about our keynotes and our Modernizing pre-conference seminar from...Read more

Modernize your SQL Server at the PASS Summit 2018 

Each year thousands of data professionals make the annual visit to Seattle, Washington for the Professional Association for SQL Server Summit. This is a community driven organization and event but Microsoft has been a major contributor, sponsor, and part of this summit since its inception. This is the second post in a series leading up to...Read more

SQL Server Automatic Tuning around the world… 

..and in the clouds…When I first saw early builds of SQL Server 2017, one of the features that caught my eye immediately was Automatic Tuning with an option called Automatic Plan Correction. SQL Server 2017 was released in October of 2017 right on the heels of one of my favorites releases, SQL Server 2016. In...Read more

SQL Server at the Red Hat Summit 2018 

This blog post is also authored by Travis Wright, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft; and Jamie Reding, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft. A few weeks ago, developers from around the world gathered for the Microsoft Build Conference. It was an amazing display of Microsoft’s products and cloud services to meet the needs of all types of applications....Read more