Keeping up with the data needs of the business with SQL Server 2016 

4 min read

Leaders are embracing the need to partner with IT to help them gain actionable insights from data. Attesting to this, The Economist recently published a study, “Big data evolution: Forging new corporate capabilities for the long term,” which found that companies “that have a well-defined data strategy are much more likely to say that they Read more

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Data security, SQL Server 2016, and your business 

4 min read

Security is unquestionably a major priority for Microsoft. A recent news story reported that the company “is spending $1 billion a year to make Microsoft products more secure.” The Microsoft data platform, including SQL Server and Azure SQL Database, is at the top of the list of products investing in security. But, be aware that Read more

Watch the PASS Keynote Video: “Accelerating Your Business with a Modern Data Strategy” 

1 min read

The annual PASS Summit provides an opportunity for the SQL Server community to meet, share expertise, and gain firsthand insights into advances in the Microsoft data platform technology directly from Microsoft executives. The fall 2015 PASS Summit gave attendees the opportunity to learn about the upcoming release of SQL Server 2016 when Joseph Sirosh, corporate Read more

SQL Server 2016: Advanced Capabilities without Expensive Add-Ons 

2 min read

What does the industry leading SQL Server 2016 have in common with spaghetti sauce? Just the fact that if you need something, “it’s in there.” With SQL Server 2016 the advanced capabilities you need in a data platform are built in. You don’t need to purchase expensive add-ons to get necessary functionality immediately: Looking for Read more

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Always Encrypted Data Security and Competitive Advantage 

2 min read

As data becomes the center of digital business, your organization’s ability to secure data is crucial for compliance and confidentiality. But data security is so important that it can also be a competitive differentiator. Indeed, Forrester Research reports a focus on data security can help drive customer loyalty and retention, create opportunities for premium offers Read more

Determining Data Platform Value: Leveraging the asset of an expert community 

3 min read

As discussed in the previous blog in this series, an Ernst and Young study, CFO-CIO: a growing collaboration, finds that “To succeed, organizations must make bold technology investment decisions that are driven by corporate strategy.” To achieve this goal, CIOs and CFOs need to work together with business leadership to ensure that, beyond cost effectiveness, Read more

Avoiding technical debtor’s prison with the right data platform 

2 min read

“Technical debtor’s prison” is a term I recently came across in a Forrester Research report, “CIOs’ Top Five Career-Ending Digital Transformation Challenges” by Bobby Cameron with Peter Burris, Rachael Klehm, and Rachel Birrell. The idea is that CIOs sometimes feel indebted to the specific technology that has a history of serving the organization well over Read more