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Upsize or Migrate to SQL Server Today 

SQL Server 2008 has launched the new Migration Solution Center.  This site provides customers with prescriptive guidance and a clear process for executing successful migrations or upsizing your existing databases to SQL Server.  On this site, the freely downloadable SQL Server Migration Assistants (SSMAs) reduce the efforts required to move databases from Access, Oracle, and...Read more

India Launch events 

I just got back from a 2 week trip to India, taking part in their local launch events. We reached over 1500 people at over 3 launch events,  in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. V. Somasegar – the Senior VP from the Visual Studio team was the keynote speaker. This was the first launch to have...Read more

SQL Server 2008 Launch – 10:30am 2/27/2008 

The rest of the keynote focused on the 2 remaining pillars of launch – BI & Web. In the BI demo – we focused on the integration of our BI tools with Office. We showed the new Report Designer – with the office interface that allows you to modify reports in an office environment, new...Read more

SQL Server 2008 Launch – 8:00am PST 2/26/2008 

Its 8:00am PST 2/26/2008, we are less than 24 hours from the SQL Server 2008 launch. Its going to be the culmination of efforts of several hundred people across Microsoft to make this a reality. Keep in mind that LA is just the kick off of a global series of events – over 220 with...Read more

SQL Server 2008 Launch Sessions 

As we get closer to launch – we have started locking down the sessions that we will have at launch. There are going to be 3 technical tracks at launch along with 1 track for IT Manager. For the 3 technical tracks, we will have 1 for Data Platform, 1 for Infrastructure and1 for developers....Read more

SQL Server Data Warehouse performance 

One of the areas of SQL Server 2008 that I am excited about is the investment we have made in increasing the performance for Data Warehouse workloads. Keep in mind – that we have several customers with multi terabyte data warehouses already on SQL Server 2005 and this allows us to continue our momentum in...Read more

SQL Server 2008 Launch 

Hi – My name is Ram Ramanathan and I work in SQL Server marketing. One of the areas I am responsible for is the launch for SQL Server 2008 along with the help of lots of other folks in the SQL Server marketing team. Its going to be less than 105 days to our launch on...Read more