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Azure SQL Database: Service Tiers & Performance Q&A 

A few days ago, I published a post with some anticipated questions & answers to provide details on the new service tiers for Microsoft Azure SQL Database, announced on April 24. In this follow-up post, I want to provide more information about how SQL Database performance is factored into the service tiers. Like the previous...Read more

Azure SQL Database: New Service Tiers Q&A 

Earlier this month, we celebrated the launch of Microsoft SQL Server 2014, announced that the Analytics Platform System is generally available, and shared a preview of the Intelligent Systems Service. Quentin Clark summarized his keynote speech at the Accelerate Your Insights event in a blog post entitled, “The data platform for a new era.” If...Read more

Innovation and the Data Platform Continuum 

All of us who work in technology-related fields have experienced disruptions that seem to change everything, and figuring out how to manage through the transition can mean the survival or demise of an enterprise. When faced with innovation, it is critical to determine when, where, and how to adopt the change. At Microsoft, we talk...Read more