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The April release of Azure Data Studio is now available 

We are excited to announce the April release of Azure Data Studio (formerly known as SQL Operations Studio) is now available. Download Azure Data Studio and review the Release notes to get started. Please note: After downloading Azure Data Studio, say Yes to enabling preview features so that you can use extensions. Azure Data Studio is...Read more

Automated machine learning from SQL Server with Azure Machine Learning 

This post was co-authored by Jeff Shepherd, Deepak Mukunthu, and Vijay Aski. Recently, we blogged about performing automated machine learning on SQL Server 2019 big data clusters. In today’s post, we will present a complementary automated machine learning approach leveraging Azure Machine Learning service (Azure ML) invoked from SQL Server. While the previous post dealt...Read more

3 ways to gain insights with SQL Server 2019 big data clusters 

Businesses today are faced with the challenge of staying profitable and investing in future innovations. Speed and flexibility are the name of the game, and effective data-scaling techniques are highly sought after. Yet exploding data volumes, diverse data types, and numerous database management systems make it harder than ever for data professionals to consolidate data...Read more

How to develop and submit Spark jobs to SQL Server Big Data Clusters in IntelliJ 

We’re delighted to release the Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ support for SQL Server Big Data Cluster Spark job development and submission. For first-time Spark developers, it can often be hard to get started and build their first application, with long and tedious development cycles in the integrated development environment (IDE). This toolkit empowers new users...Read more

SQL Server Management Studio 18.0 Release Candidate 1 is now available 

As we get closer to the General Availability of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 18, we have decided to have a quick release of the Release Candidate (RC) build. You can download SSMS 18.0 RC1 today and for more details on what’s included, please see the Release Notes. This SQL Server Management Studio 18 RC1...Read more

SQL Server 2019 community technology preview 2.4 is now available 

Continuing with our monthly release cadence, we’re excited to announce the release of  SQL Server 2019 community technology Preview 2.4. Previewed in September 2018, SQL Server 2019 is the first release of SQL Server to closely integrate Apache Spark™ and the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) with SQL Server in a unified data platform. Watch...Read more

The Cloud Database Administrator—Tech success at scale 

As a database administrator (DBA), I’ve always known what the role involved. Developers swing by my desk requesting a new database, a data refresh, or help with challenges they’re facing. They sometimes get frustrated with me when their database or data isn’t ready, even if it’s really the server admin who hasn’t allocated the storage...Read more

The March release of Azure Data Studio is now available 

We’re excited to announce the March release of Azure Data Studio (formerly known as SQL Operations Studio) is now available. Download Azure Data Studio and review the Release notes to get started. Please note: If you’re currently using the preview version of SQL Operations Studio, and would like to retain your settings when upgrading to the...Read more

Enterprise-scale Backup for SQL Server Databases 

More and more organizations are moving to the cloud to leverage the key benefits of agility and reduced overall cost. It’s likely that at some point in time, your SQL Server will manifest as either of the three implementations in Azure: SQL Azure Database, SQL Managed Instance or SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machine (VM)....Read more

Free cloud data services training roundup 

 To help you stay up to date on online training opportunities, we’re releasing a monthly list of the latest free data and artificial intelligence (AI) trainings in one convenient post. SQL Server and Windows Server 2008 end of support End of support is coming for two commonly deployed server products, Windows Server 2008 and SQL...Read more

Three reasons to choose Microsoft for your hybrid data platform 

Companies today are faced with the trade-off of the security of having an on-premises solution and the convenience of moving their data to the cloud. With Microsoft, companies no longer have to make the choice. SQL Server and Azure SQL Database provide the most consistent hybrid data platform with frictionless migration across on-premises, cloud, and...Read more

SQL Server Management Studio 18.0 Public Preview 7 Released 

After a brief gap since releasing SQL Server Public Preview 6, and having survived through the February 2019 Snowcalypse in Seattle, I’m happy to share that everyone in the SQL Tools team has made it out alive. I am also very excited to announce the Public Preview 7 of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 18.0...Read more