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New ADO.NET Entity Framework and Tools CTPs released! 

The much anticipated ADO.NET Entity Framework (Beta 3) and the ADO.NET Entity Framework Tools (CTP 2) have been released. Along with these exciting releases is the announcement from popular third party provider writers to deliver support for the ADO.NET Entity Framework within 3 months of RTM. The list of provider writers includes Core Lab, IBM,...Read more

SQL Server on Channel 9 

The Developer & Partner Evangelize team just posted a ton of new SQL Server and Business Intelligence content on Channel 9. You can check it out here –  There are 22 screencasts posted as part of a developer training workshop built on SQL Server 2005 that has been delivered around the globe by Microsoft...Read more

SQL Server Data Warehouse performance 

One of the areas of SQL Server 2008 that I am excited about is the investment we have made in increasing the performance for Data Warehouse workloads. Keep in mind – that we have several customers with multi terabyte data warehouses already on SQL Server 2005 and this allows us to continue our momentum in...Read more

Data Mining Enhancements in the November CTP of SQL Server 

From Raman Iyer’s great website on SQL Server Data Mining here are some of the new Data Mining Improvements in SQL Server 2008 November CTP.The November Community Technology Preview of SQL Server 2008has just been released and it includes major data mining improvements: · The Microsoft_Time_Series algorithm has been enhanced to include ARIMA in addition...Read more

My Favorite SQL Server 2008 Feature 

Over the past few months I’ve been giving a number of presentations on SQL Server 2008 and through these sessions I often get asked what my favorite feature in the release is. Well, I love all of my children equally and its very hard to just pick one. I love the Resource Governor, DMF, Sync,...Read more

SQL Server 2008 November CTP is here! 

Download it here! SQL Server 2008 is a huge step forward as we continue delivering on our Data Platform Vision for “Your Data, Any Place, Any Time.” SQL Server 2008 will bring that vision to life, and there is something in this feature-rich CTP to meet the needs of companies of all sizes. The SQL...Read more

SQL Server 2008 Launch 

Hi – My name is Ram Ramanathan and I work in SQL Server marketing. One of the areas I am responsible for is the launch for SQL Server 2008 along with the help of lots of other folks in the SQL Server marketing team. Its going to be less than 105 days to our launch on...Read more

Welcome To The Data Platform Insider 

This is the first entry into the new Data Platform Insider blog. The goal of this blog is to share with you all things Data – SQL Server, ADO.NET, Sync Framework, Office, etc. Microsoft offers a complete offering to help any organization manage data from birth to archival. Why Data Platform? Microsoft has a vision...Read more