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Oracle recently released their latest Critical Patch Update which fixes vulnerabilities “in hundreds of Oracle products”. From a database perspective: it fixes 17 database vulnerabilities, two of them that can be exploited remotely without authentication. There are vulnerabilities in many of their modules, from the core RDBMS to the options like Spatial and Auditing. Seeing...

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India Launch events

I just got back from a 2 week trip to India, taking part in their local launch events. We reached over 1500 people at over 3 launch events,  in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. V. Somasegar – the Senior VP from the Visual Studio team was the keynote speaker. This was the first launch to have...

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Accelerate mobile development with SQL Server Compact 3.5

Exciting news for developers looking to build SQL Server based applications that target mobile devices — the new Microsoft® Windows Mobile Line of Business Solution Accelerator 2008 has been released and is now available for download from here! This new accelerator consists of a working Supply Chain application, over 5,000 lines of well documented source...

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ISV’s & SQL Server 2008 Applications

Technologies such as SQL Server are only as successful as the applications that are built upon them.  Microsoft’s Metro Early Adoption Program provides a programmatic, consistent and predictable way for longstanding Microsoft ISV partners to engage on next-generation technologies, by providing pre-release developer training, support, and rationalization of that technologies’ role in the overall platform. ...

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entities, Entities, ENTITIES!

It’s getting louder If you’ve been following Microsoft’s efforts around data programmability, you’ll have inevitably heard a thing or two about “entities”. Specifically, the Entity Data Model (EDM) and the ADO.NET Entity Framework (EF). These technologies lay the groundwork for major advancements in how developers build data-centric applications and for empowering DBA’s to manage databases...

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Announcing SQL Server Data Services

Today Microsoft announced that MIX attendees will preview Microsoft SQL Server Data Services (SSDS), a Web-facing utility-based services designed for businesses and developers that need scalable, highly available, secure and easily programmable on-demand data storage with robust database query capabilities. SSDS offers virtually limitless, on-demand scalability. Customers use the service with minimal up-front infrastructure and...

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