DBAs: It’s time to get up to speed with Azure 

2 min read

The summer solstice has passed, and DBAs are still asking how to get up to speed with Azure. I’m even speaking at events on how to take advantage of Azure to do migrations to the cloud! Many I’ve spoken to are wondering what skills they need to add to their already impressive arsenal of technology. Read more

Introducing UTF-8 support in SQL Server 2019 preview 

1 min read

With the first public preview of SQL Server 2019, we announced support for the widely used UTF-8 character encoding as an import or export encoding, and as database-level or column-level collation for string data. This is an asset for companies extending their businesses to a global scale, where the requirement of providing global multilingual database applications Read more

Creating a data hub for your analytics with PolyBase 

3 min read

Data is the new currency of the digital world, and Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help businesses and consumers get the most out of their data assets. With the leading database in the world, SQL Server, and the rapidly growing Azure cloud data platform, Microsoft is delivering a modern data platform. We are witnessing a Read more


An Engineer and a tiger walk into a Clinic at the PASS Summit 2018 

4 min read

Sounds like there should be a punchline right? Well, there is. Microsoft will be in full force at PASS Summit 2018, and this is the third blog post in a series describing the involvement of the Microsoft SQL Server engineering team there. You can read more about our keynotes and our Modernizing pre-conference seminar from Read more

DBA essentials—SQL Server 2017 security, performance tuning, and more—inside out 

3 min read

Whether you’re an experienced DBA with multiple certifications or just starting on your SQL Server DBA journey, you face challenges constantly for putting your organization’s data to work. To turn the next-to-impossible into the practical, you need a comprehensive resource at your fingertips: SQL Server 2017 Administration Inside Out, by William Assaf, Randolph West, Sven Read more


Modernize your SQL Server at the PASS Summit 2018 

2 min read

Each year thousands of data professionals make the annual visit to Seattle, Washington for the Professional Association for SQL Server Summit. This is a community driven organization and event but Microsoft has been a major contributor, sponsor, and part of this summit since its inception. This is the second post in a series leading up to Read more

SQL Server 2019: Celebrating 25 years of SQL Server Database Engine and the path forward 

7 min read

This post is authored by Amit Banerjee, Principal PM Manager, SQL Server and Bob Ward, Principal Architect, Microsoft SQL Server Data Services.  SQL Server has provided enterprises the capability to manage all facets of their relational data. Over the years, we have increasingly seen a convergence for the need of combining heterogenous sets of relational and non-relational Read more

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SQL Server 2019 preview containers now available 

3 min read

Starting in SQL Server 2017 with support for Linux and containers, Microsoft has been on a journey of platform and operating system choice. With SQL Server 2019 preview, we are making it easier to adopt SQL Server in containers by enabling new HA scenarios and adding supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux container images. Today we Read more