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Sentiment Analysis with Microsoft APS and StreamInsight 

In this overview and demo, we will show you what sentiment analysis is and how to build a quick mashup that combines real-time access to multiple data sources using tools from Microsoft. Sentiment analysis is one of the hottest topics in the Big Data space. Sentiment analysis is the process of analyzing customer comments and...Read more

Real world use cases of the Microsoft Analytics Platform System 

This blog post was authored by: Murshed Zaman, AzureCAT PM and Sumin Mohanan, DS SDET With the advent of SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (the MPP version of SQL Server) V2 AU1 (Appliance Update 1), PDW got a new name: the Analytics Platform System [Appliance] or APS. The name changed with the addition of Microsoft’s...Read more

Driving Ground Breaking BI with APS 

This blog post will detail how APS gives users the ability to: Leverage Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power Map at massive scale Iteratively query APS, adding BI on the fly Combine data seamlessly from PDW, HDI, and Azure using PolyBase The Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS) is a powerful scale out data warehouse solution...Read more

Change the Game with APS and PolyBase 

Guest blog post by: James Rowland-Jones (JRJ), SQL Server MVP, PASS Board Director, SQLBits organiser and owner of The Big Bang Data Company (@BigBangDataCo). James specializes in Microsoft Analytics Platform System and delivers scale-out solutions that are both simple and elegant in their design. He is passionate about the community, sitting on both the PASS...Read more

Introducing the Microsoft Analytics Platform System – the turnkey appliance for big data analytics 

At the Accelerate your Insights event last week, Satya Nadella introduced the new Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS) as Microsoft’s solution for delivering “Big Data in a box.” APS is an evolution of our SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) appliance which builds upon the high performance and scale capabilities of that MPP version of...Read more