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Microsoft announces major commitment to Apache Spark 

This post was authored by Tiffany Wissner, Senior Director of Data Platform Marketing. This week in San Francisco, thousands of people are at Spark Summit, to explore and understand how they leverage Apache Spark to get the most out of big data. Building on our previous investments, today we are announcing an extensive commitment for...Read more

MapR-based Hadoop Clusters Coming to the Azure Marketplace 

Microsoft is committed to continuous innovation to make Azure the best cloud platform for running hyper-scale big data projects. This includes an existing Hadoop-as-a-service solution, Azure HDInsight, a hyper-scale repository for big data, Azure Data Lake, and Hadoop infrastructure-as-a-service offerings from Hortonworks and Cloudera. This week, Hortonworks also announced their most recent milestone with Hortonworks...Read more

Azure HDInsight Adds Deeper Tooling Experience in Visual Studio 

To allow developers in Visual Studio to more easily incorporate the benefits of “big data” with their custom applications, Microsoft is adding a deeper tooling experience for HDInsight in Visual Studio in the most recent version of the Azure SDK. This extension to Visual Studio helps developers to visualize their Hadoop clusters, tables and associated...Read more

Azure HDInsight Clusters Allows Custom Installation of Spark Using Script Action 

Apache Spark is a popular open source framework for distributed cluster computing. Spark has been gaining popularity for its ability to handle both batch and stream processing as well as supporting in-memory and conventional disk processing. Starting today, Azure HDInsight will make it possible to install Spark as well as other Hadoop sub-projects on its...Read more

Microsoft Azure Offers HDInsight (Hadoop-as-a-service) to China 

Microsoft today announced that Azure HDInsight is now available for all customers in China as a public preview, making it the first global cloud provider to have a publicly available cloud Hadoop offering in China. With this launch, Microsoft is bringing Azure HDInsight’s ability to process big data volumes from unstructured and semi-structured sources to...Read more