Azure Data Studio July Release with VS Code Updates  

3 min read

Hello, community! As you may already know, Azure Data Studio (ADS) is and has always been focused on building out its own ecosystem of extensions and customized tabs for handling databases, using the UI framework of Visual Studio (VS) Code. As a result, all improvements and/or fixes that are performed on the VS Code codebase Read more

Data Driven Top 10 

6 min read

Last week at our Data Driven event in New York City, we had the opportunity to meet with several hundred customers to talk about data in person, as well as many more online. More specifically, we talked about the opportunity and challenges facing our customers, how data can help them innovate and get ahead and Read more

Mature Data Management: Key to Business Success 

2 min read

Data is at the center of today’s business strategy in successful organizations. In his report, “Does Data Growth Imply Company Health,” Michael Lock, Aberdeen Group’s vice president and principal analyst analytics and business intelligence, says, “I believe in the concept that clean and relevant business data is the most critical input to just about every Read more