Leveraging Flash across the Microsoft SQL Server Stack 

5 min read

Guest blog post by @SamMarraccini of EMC Corporation. Flash does indeed work, but the solution isn’t quite that easy. While server side PCIe Flash can provide latency as low as 50 microseconds, you may be sacrificing database availability and service levels to gain that performance. While being able to achieve phenomenal response times, the focus Read more


Disk and File Layout for SQL Server 

2 min read

Guest blog post by Paul Galjan, Microsoft Applications specialist, EMC Corporation. To learn more from Paul and other EMC experts, please join our Everything Microsoft Community. The RAID group is dead – long live the storage pool!   Pools fulfill the real promise of centralized storage – the elimination of storage silos.  Prior to pool technology, when Read more


Crutchfield Turns to Microsoft and EMC to Help Transform SQL Server to the Private Cloud 

1 min read

When it comes to consumer electronics gear, audio and video enthusiasts rely on Crutchfield Corporation for excellent customer service and stellar product know-how. Crutchfield powers its information-based service with a wide range of tools for its website visitors, customers and internal customer advisors. To keep improving their stellar customer service, Crutchfield develops most of its Read more

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Guest Post by EMC: Lightning Strikes Again for SQL Server 2012! 

2 min read

By Virtual Winfrastructure Earlier in February, EMC announced a new server Flash caching solution called VFCache, a hardware and software solution that leverages PCIe Flash technology to extend performance based caching from the storage array to the server. VFCache (codenamed “Project Lightning”) increases throughput and reduces latency with a focus towards read intensive workloads including Read more