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Technical Overview: SQL Server 2016 Release Candidate 0 

The SQL Server engineering team is pleased to announce the availability of SQL Server 2016 Release Candidate 0. This is an important milestone in the release of SQL Server 2016, as it marks feature completion for most dimensions of the product and means a very rich set of capabilities are now available. These include: real-time...Read more

Are you harnessing all that in-memory can do for your business? 

Faster transactions, faster queries and faster analytics. Sounds like nirvana right? Just imagine it… your customers can find what they want from your large product catalog more quickly and purchase without huge lags. Your business divisions can perform timely analytics highlighting product, web site, and data trends. It’s all possible with in-memory technologies, and Microsoft...Read more

Differential Database Backup with Memory-Optimized Tables 

This blog describes how differential database backup is taken on database with one or more memory-optimized tables. For full database backups, please refer to Database Backup with Memory-Optimized Tables  for the details and Creating and Managing Storage for Memory-Optimized Objects to get more in-depth understanding of data/delta files referenced later in the section below. For...Read more

SQL Server 2014 In Memory OLTP: Memory-Optimized Table Types and Table Variables 

SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP introduces two new widely advertised kinds of database objects: memory-optimized tables for efficient data access, and natively compiled stored procedures for efficient query processing and business logic execution. However, there is a third kind of object introduced by In-Memory OLTP: the memory-optimized table type. The use of memory-optimized table variables...Read more

Solving Session Management Database Bottlenecks with In-Memory OLTP 

As we started working with early adopters on the SQL Server 2014 In-memory OLTP engine (project codenamed Hekaton) one of the first scenarios we ran into involved a session management database in SQL Server. The application was a high volume website storing Session State in the database and running into latch contention and locking...Read more

Improved Application Availability During Online Operations in SQL Server 2014 

SQL Server 2014 introduces enhancements to two common database maintenance operations namely Partition Switching and Online Index Rebuild which greatly increases enterprise application availability by reducing maintenance downtime impact. The following features are available in SQL Server 2014 CTP1 which can be downloaded here: Managed Lock Priority for Table Partition Switch & Online Index Rebuild...Read more

SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP: App Migration Scenario Leveraging the Integrated Approach 

As we emphasized in the previous blogs, with other in-memory technologies in the market today you have to migrate the entire database to memory or it’s a separate database product that deals with in-memory, which means learning new APIs and dealing with application compatibility issues. Integrating in-memory technology right into the SQL Server engine might...Read more