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Unlocking insights from Big Data can be simple with the right tools 

Data enthusiasts & Microsoft talk about Big Data in the enterprise at Gigaom Structure Data 2014 Last week in New York, our data solutions experts spent a few days with more than 900 big data practitioners, technologists and executives at Structure Data for a conversation how big data can drive business success. The rich conversations...Read more

Power BI for Office 365: Making It Real 

In my recent post, Simplifying Business Intelligence through Power BI for Office 365, I described how the Power BI cloud service has changed the way I personally work. The ability to do “self-service BI” without any IT involvement—and to have the infrastructure transparently provisioned in a cloud computing environment—has enabled me to drop any dependency...Read more

Amway sees 100 percent availability with hybrid data-recovery solution 

With the release to manufacturing announcement of SQL Server 2014 you will start to see more customer stories showcasing their use of hybrid features that span the cloud and on-premises. One such customer is global direct seller, Amway.  Its data centers support about 34 terabytes of information spread across 100 instances of Microsoft SQL Server...Read more

“Modernizing” Your Data Warehouse with Microsoft 

Data warehousing technology began as a framework to better manage, understand, and capitalize on data generated by the business, and it worked extremely well for many years. This is a space that Microsoft knows well with warehousing capabilities since 1995 with SQL Server.  However, there are several forces working to stretch the traditional data warehouse....Read more

SQL Server 2014 releases April 1 

SQL Server 2014, Microsoft’s cloud first data platform, released to manufacturing today Today, Quentin Clark, corporate vice president of the Data Platform Group, announced that SQL Server 2014, the foundation of Microsoft’s cloud-first data platform, is released to manufacturing and will be generally available on April 1. Quentin’s blog discussed the tremendous momentum with the...Read more

AMD Improves Operational Agility with SQL Server 2014 Business Intelligence Solution 

AMD, a leading designer and integrator of technology that powers millions of intelligent devices, needed better tools for monitoring manufacturing processes and other business operations. More than a terabyte of test information was loaded weekly into a data warehouse, which was used by business analysts to run thousands of custom queries. To accelerate performance and...Read more

Top 3 Features I’m Excited About in SQL Server 2014 

Guest blog post by:  SQL Server MVP Adam Jorgensen – PASS Executive Vice President, Finance & Governance, and President of Pragmatic Works – has been leading innovative SQL Server and Business Intelligence organizations for over a decade. His passion is finding new and creative avenues for clients and the community to embrace innovation and lower...Read more

Using Natively Compiled Stored Procedures in SQL Server 2014 

The new In-Memory OLTP feature in SQL Server 2014 greatly optimizes the performance of certain OLTP applications. By using the new memory-optimized tables you can speed up data access, in particular in concurrency situations, due to the lock- and latch-free architecture of the In-Memory OLTP Engine. This means that applications which suffer from a lot...Read more

Differential Database Backup with Memory-Optimized Tables 

This blog describes how differential database backup is taken on database with one or more memory-optimized tables. For full database backups, please refer to Database Backup with Memory-Optimized Tables  for the details and Creating and Managing Storage for Memory-Optimized Objects to get more in-depth understanding of data/delta files referenced later in the section below. For...Read more

Getting Trained on Microsoft’s Expanding Data Platform 

With data volumes exploding, having the right technology to find insights from your data is critical to long term success.  Leading organizations are adjusting their strategies to focus on data management and analytics, and we are seeing a consistent increase in organizations adopting the Microsoft data platform to address their growing needs around data.  The...Read more

Database Backup with Memory-Optimized Tables 

The memory-optimized tables are backed up as part of regular database backups so you don’t need to do anything special to manage backups on databases with memory-optimized tables. Like for disk-based tables, the CHECKSUM of data/delta files is validated as part of database backup to proactively detect any storage corruption. However, as described in the...Read more

Merge Operation in Memory-Optimized Tables 

In the Storage Allocation and Management for Memory-Optimized Tables, we had briefly touched upon the Merge operation. This blog describes Merge operation in detail. We also recommend you to refer to implementing durability for memory-optimized tables for a good understanding of data/delta files and CFPs The metadata of all Checkpoint File Pairs (i.e. CFP) that...Read more