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PASS Summit 2012 Recap & the Milestones of SQL Server 2012

Last week marked the completion of a great week at PASS Summit 2012, the world’s largest technical training conference for SQL Server professionals and BI experts alike. During this year’s 3-day conference, nearly 4,000 attendees heard firsthand about the great advances being made toward managing big data. Over the course of two keynote speeches by...

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Breakthrough performance with in-memory technologies

In a blog post earlier this year on “The coming database in-memory tipping point”, I mentioned that Microsoft was working on several in-memory database technologies. At the SQL PASS conference this week, Microsoft unveiled a new in-memory database capability, code named “Hekaton1”, which is slated to be released with the next major version of SQL...

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Countdown to PASS Summit Series: Meet the Superheroes of SQL Server at the ‘I Made That’ Chalk Talks

PASS Summit 2012 has arrived in Seattle and our #SQLFamily reunion is under way! In this final post of our Countdown to PASS Summit Series, we invite you to meet and greet the developers who worked on SQL Server 2012, for a personal, behind-the-scenes look at SQL Server 2012 in the making! *     *     * ...

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Special Data Barrier Agency (DBA) Agent Arkitektor Presents Mission: PASS Summit 2012

From xVelocity in-memory analytics and X-ray vision, to the ability to take on 1 million commands per second, I am Arkitektor, special agent of the Data Barrier Agency. In alliance with Microsoft SQL Server, the Data Barrier Agency’s goal is to fuse the top qualities of the world’s top DBA rock stars – top notch...

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