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Webinar: Introduction to SQL Server 2019 

Modern enterprises are struggling to gain insights from an exploding number of database management systems and ever-growing data volumes. SQL Server 2019 can help you overcome the challenges of integrating data and bring AI and machine learning to all of your data, structured and unstructured. It can also help you better manage your relational data...Read more

Planning an efficient upgrade from SQL Server 2005: Step 3 of 3 

Step 3: Identify your upgrade strategy As the end-of-support deadline for SQL Server 2005 draws near (April 12, 2016), you are probably starting to think about your upgrade strategy. Upgrading SQL Server is a multistage effort that takes time. Planning your SQL Server upgrade early will help you save money and prevent unnecessary business interruptions....Read more

Business Intelligence: Beyond Dashboards and Charts 

The term “business intelligence” (BI) tends to elicit visions of dashboards with red, yellow, and green indicators representing targets met (or not) or perhaps various types of charts and graphs. But the potential of BI can be much more interesting and significant in what it can help organizations accomplish. To illustrate this point, you can...Read more

Webinar: SQL Server for Mission Critical Applications 

If you are running older versions of SQL Server or use another database management system as your primary data platform, you may be wondering what the latest version of SQL Server has to offer. Upgrading to the latest version of SQL Server enables breakthrough performance, availability and manageability for your mission critical applications – an...Read more

Real-time predictive analytics in the cloud 

Predictive analytics has greatly empowered organizations across industries. One of the key benefits of predictive analytics centers on the ability to shorten decision cycle times, which enables organizations to improve risk management, customer responsiveness, marketing, and supply chain. This is not a small feat given that the ever growing stream of data can be daunting,...Read more

Is Big Data for Everyone? 

Big Data is generating a lot of interest, but the barriers to entry prevent a broader base of users from unlocking its potential. Get a sneak preview on Microsoft’s efforts to democratize Big Data: delivering insights through familiar tools like Excel, offering enriched data with a central data marketplace, and providing manageability with enterprise-ready Hadoop...Read more

Free DTS Packages Migration Webinar on July 15th, 2008 

Join SQL Server MVP and SSIS author Brian Knight to discuss the strategies of upgrading DTS packages to SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). The free session will showcase an actual DTS package conversion using DTS xChange and other strategies.  DTS xChange provides automated DTS to SSIS migration technology for complete SQL Server 2005 upgrades. The...Read more