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Azure SQL Database: Service Tiers & Performance Q&A 

A few days ago, I published a post with some anticipated questions & answers to provide details on the new service tiers for Microsoft Azure SQL Database, announced on April 24. In this follow-up post, I want to provide more information about how SQL Database performance is factored into the service tiers. Like the previous...Read more

Azure SQL Database: New Service Tiers Q&A 

Earlier this month, we celebrated the launch of Microsoft SQL Server 2014, announced that the Analytics Platform System is generally available, and shared a preview of the Intelligent Systems Service. Quentin Clark summarized his keynote speech at the Accelerate Your Insights event in a blog post entitled, “The data platform for a new era.” If...Read more

Getting Trained on Microsoft’s Expanding Data Platform 

With data volumes exploding, having the right technology to find insights from your data is critical to long term success.  Leading organizations are adjusting their strategies to focus on data management and analytics, and we are seeing a consistent increase in organizations adopting the Microsoft data platform to address their growing needs around data.  The...Read more

Smart, Secure, Cost-Effective: SQL Server Back Up to Windows Azure 

Microsoft recently announced several new ways to back up and recover SQL Server databases with Windows Azure.  These features, now available in SQL Server 2014 CTP2 and as a standalone tool for prior versions, provide an easy path to cloud backup and disaster recovery for on-premises SQL Server databases.  The capabilities for backing up to...Read more

Premium Preview for Windows Azure SQL Database Now Live! 

On July 8, 2013, at the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Houston, Texas, Satya Nadella, Server and Tools President announced a new Premium service for Windows Azure SQL Database that delivers more predictable performance for business-critical applications. This new Premium service further strengthens the data platform vision by giving you more flexibility and choice across...Read more

Windows Azure SQL Database and SQL Server — Performance and Scalability Compared and Contrasted 

Curious about the differences in approaching performance and scalability in SQL Server vs. Windows Azure SQL Database (formerly SQL Azure)? Check out this new paper that brings together insights from the Microsoft SQL Engineering and Customer Advisory Teams (CAT) to detail the differences between on-premises SQL Server and Azure SQL Database tuning and monitoring techniques...Read more

Take Advantage of New SQL Database Reference Application 

We are happy to announce the availability of StockTrader 6, a new end-to-end reference application for Windows Azure and Windows Azure SQL Database. The sample application with full source code and Visual Studio solutions can be downloaded and installed from MSDN here. The focus of the sample is two-fold: Cloud-connected mobile applications: Illustrate how to...Read more

New SQL Services in Windows Azure 

As we shared with the launch of Windows Azure announced here, we are advancing our proven on-premises technologies into the cloud to offer customers the flexibility and efficiency of Hybrid IT. To continue to enable SQL Server customers in the cloud, we are offering Windows Azure SQL Reporting and the Preview of SQL Server in...Read more