When we announced the completion of the RC2 Milestone of Window Server 2003 x64/SP1 last week we indicated the following:

– That the Window Server 2003 x 64 editions would only be available through the private Beta Program

– The public Customer Preview Program (CPP) would not be refreshed with the RC2 bits.

We received valid feedback requesting the public be able to download the RC2 bits through the CPP. I won’t go too much into the details of why we did not refresh the RC1 bits and skip to the part where we listened to the feedback – you can now get the RC2 bits through the CPP!  The only stipulation – it is available as a *Download Only* through the CPP.  If you want the CD Mailed to you – it will have to be the RC1 bits.

You can register for the CPP Program and download the 1433 Build (aka RC2) from:


We will get the web-site updated to reflect our changes in the next few days.  Additionally, it will take a little bit to update the registration confirmation emails with the new build link.  If you do happen to get a download link in the email with the 1289 build, use the same key that is in the email and download the 1433 build directly:


– Ward Ralston