I appreciate everyone’s comments about the error that was made when we made the x64 RC2 available as part of the Customer Preview Program (CPP).  For those of you who were not aware of the problem – the 32-bit version of Server 2003 SP1 was accidentally made available as the download for the x64 RC2.
So how do things like this happen?   The answer is pretty simple in this case – ME.
When we decided to move ahead and make the x64 RC2 bits available as part of the CPP, I created a share on my server in my office that JohnB could grab the x64 RC2 ISO from to upload to MS.com. 
So what exactly did I do?  I simply was an idiot and grabbed the wrong version from the daily build share to put into my share for John to upload.
I should have grabbed: w2k3sp1_1433_usa_x64fre_ads.iso
I grabbed: w2k3sp1_1433_usa_x86fre_ads.iso
I really want to express my apologies to those of you who went through the entire install only to realize that it was the wrong version – I know what a drag that can be.
I suppose the good new is we identified the error and we are correcting it  ASAP– and that I will be far more diligent when grabbing bits from the build share.
Further – As punishment for my error, I will be riding in the Chilly Hilly  this Sunday.  You can all rest easy knowing that I will be in some fairly decent pain.
Have a great weekend,