As mentioned in previous posts, the Access-Based Enumeration GUI and Command-Line tools and whitepaper would be available as a separate download for SP1.  It can now be downloaded here. Many thanks to Koni for tracking this – truly appreciated.

Here is what the folder properties will look like when ABE is enabled.  The whitepaper in the download above is a really good read (I stole the graphic from it) and walks you through the different methods of installing ABE. (GUI, API, cmd-line)

When I a step back and think about how this tool will make the end-user file server experience more efficient I cant help but to think how this tool will work with our other technologies….we really do have a GREAT file-server story for Windows Server.  For example- Data Protection Manager is in public beta with the RTM scheduled for this year and our Public beta version of R2 is going to be available for download in the extremely near future — also with an RTM this year. (The R2 team will have a lot to share here on this blog)

The new File Server Resource Manager in R2 will allow administrators to control (through verbose policies) what gets stored on file server, how much storage is allowed, and who gets to store it. With a file server with ABE and FSRM controlling the input and output of file servers, I can start using System Center Data Protection Manger to enable a near-continuous backup of the file server AND allowing end-users to restore their own files instead of getting an administrator involved – now that is what a file server should be…. and I didn’t even talk about Compression, NTFS, DFS, Offline Folders, EFS, WEBdav, or  SharePoint.

– Ward Ralston