My name is Adam Bogobowicz and I am a Product Manager for Window SharePoint Services. I am happy to share with you that today my product is getting more mature, simpler to deploy, and gains support for our latest technologies.

If you played with our Windows Server R2 Beta or RC0 code, you must have noted a new server role. Yes! Windows SharePoint Services will be shipping with R2 and you will no longer need a trip to to download the bits.

Now, if you do not mind visiting the download center, you can upgrade your server today with the latest WSS Service Pack 2. This latest WSS Service Pack will help you with new advanced extranet and intranet scenarios. It will support Windows Server and SQL Server 64-bit editions as well as .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005.

You will have to be patient and wait for the Windows Server R2 RTM if you are looking for the Active Directory Federation Services support for Windows SharePoint Services. For more technical detail on Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 SP2 Beta in Windows Server 2003 R2, please take a peek at this whitepaper

 – Adam Bogobowicz