A question just came in that I had missed over the holidays:

Will Accessed Based Enumeration (ABE) work on Storage Server 2003?    You bet!

I also want to point out, it is now Storage Server 2003 R2.  In case if you didnt hear about the new features we included with the update to original product, some of them include:

1.  Single Instance Storage (SIS) – This cool feature will probe all the files on your disk to find duplicate files.  When it finds duplication files, it will move 1 version of it into a common store and set refence links to the common file instead of holding multiple files.  Pretty cool huh?  You would be AMAZED at the disk savings – up to 60% in some of the cases I have seen. 

2.  Tuned for file performance – Normally, if you wanted to have a Windows Server box really tuned for a specific workload, you would turn towards the performance tuning guides: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/evaluation/performance/tuning.mspx and make the associated tweaks as necessary.  Since storage server is set on the file and storage workloads, all of those setting and alignments are done by the OEM.

3.  Search – The existing Indexing Service is tuned for additional indexing and query performance. Prior to the R2 release, if Indexing Service on a Windows Storage Server was not 100 percent up-to-date, the client-side Search engine would need to “walk through” all files within the scope of the search on the server. With the performance tuning of Indexing Service, it no longer needs to be 100 percent up-to-date to be utilized.

– Ward Ralston