“Quadrophenia” is how CNET charaterized it. At Intel Developer Forum this week, Intel is showing off its forthcoming “Clovertown” quad-core processor for servers. Catch Intel’s podcast previewing its announcement of the quad-cores.

Today at IDF we participated in a personal supercomputing demo that used the “Clovertown” processors within Tyan Compter’s Typhoon system, running Windows CCS, along with Mellanox Infiniband interconnect and Wolfram’s gridMathematica. I’m told that this is the first ever HPC cluster demo using quad-core processors. Earlier this week Tyan Computer announced some details of the demo.

Stephen S. Pawlowski, a senior fellow and CTO at Intel, gave the demo. The slides and webcast of Pawlowski’s presentation will be posted – shortly I’m told.

Patrick O’Rourke