The show floor proved to be really busy this morning. One piece of evidence: we distributed 1,500 shirts in 2.5 hours. The orange shirts say “Virtualize World Peace” and the crowd was 2-deep at demos for Virtual Machine Manager (in beta now), SoftGrid and Windows Server virtualization (the hypervisor-based architecture for Longhorn).

The sessions have proved to be muc better than the keynote. A few sessions on VDI and some interesting insights on how that model can create even more power consumption than before and the scalability challenge of adding all those desktop images to the servers/blades. The power consumption challenge was perhaps the most interesting given the comments from PG&E earlier today in the keynote. PG&E, which provides power to most of California, is providing business with credits ($700-$1,300) for consolidating servers in the datacenter using server virtualization.

More to come later.