Interesting news today for large orgs with branch offices looking for cost effective implementation of the BOIS architecture.
First announced by VP Andy Lees at World Wide Partner Conference in Boston, Branch Promo got its needed update to ISA 2006 and a more sophisticated enterprise older brother “Enterprise Branch Infrastructure Promotion”. This offer is a new SKU for customers looking for an enterprise-class solution for branch offices. It is a discounted package (43%) of Windows Server, ISA Enterprise Server, MOM and SMS and will be available Feb 1st.
This promotion is part of Microsoft’s long-term strategy to help customers implement a complete Branch office Infrastructure Solution leveraging value of Windows Server 2003 R2 as well as  integrate security and management technologies for a more secure and well-managed infrastructure.
New angle to this approach is added by MS partner Packeteer extending this offer with their own software based WAN Optimization solution. Packeteer is offering a 30% discount on its iShared FlexInstall WideArea File Services (WAFS) software product as an additional benefit to any customer that purchases this Microsoft promotional offering. Packeteer is one of Microsoft’s key partners in the Branch Office and iShared installs on to any Windows Server 2003 platform, adding value to Microsoft branch infrastructure. 


Adam Bogobowicz