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Windows Server Blog

I’ve just read over on Bill Staple’s IIS blog that the new DownloadCENTER is now live on This is a community site for discovering, sharing and reviewing IIS-related solutions in a single place. There are dozens of downloads – both from Microsoft and from the community – for all versions of IIS.

This is particularly cool from a Windows Server “Longhorn” standpoint because IIS 7.0 has a completely modular architecture with over forty pluggable components that can be quickly added and removed, or even replaced with custom implementations.  This extensibility is available to both .NET and Win32 developers but the tight integration between IIS 7.0 and ASP.NET makes extending the functionality of your web server much easier than ever. The IIS team has already posted some useful tools and utilities on the DownloadCENTER, but we expect to see a lot more extensions posted by developers and partners as we get closer to launch. I might even try my hand at writing one myself to share with the community…