It’s great to see the word is getting out about the release of SP2 in Windows IT Pro and many other press outlets.  One note regarding some discussion and confusion in the blogosphere about SP2 being pushed onto boxes via Automatic Updates (AU).  In fact, SP2 – though flagged as a high priority update –  will not be automatically installed for 3 months. After 3 months on the Windows Update site, SP2 will also be offered via Automatic Updates.  We detailed this info on the SP2 web site starting in November, when we announced the SP2 Release Candidate at IT Forum.  Even on AU, SP2 will not install automatically until the End User License Agreement has been accepted.  Customers who wish to test SP2 for a longer period and would like to prevent SP2 from installing from AU can download and install the SP2 Blocking Tool at the Microsoft Download Center. 

Joel Sider