For those of you amongst the 14,000 attending TechEd 2007 next week in Orlando, expect to see and learn alot about virtualization.

It all starts with Bob Muglia’s keynote on Monday where Jeff Woolsey will reprise his role of virtualization demo dude. Jeff will demo Windows Server 2008 server core installation running an IDS build of Windows Server virtualization, managed by both MOM and System Center Virtual Machine Manager. I’d expect to see VM creation, interop and network load balancing with limited disruption of service. I’m hoping to see V-to-V conversion, from ESX Server to Windows Server virtualization. I’ll be watching on Monday, and I expect the webcast to be available from here.

Looking for something a bit more technical? Well I’d recommend the following sessions:

  • SVR239 – Virtualization 360: Microsoft’s vision and strategy for virtualization
  • SVR342 – High Availability for Physical and Virtual Environments with Windows Server 2008
  • SVR344 – Running Paravirtualized Linux Guests with Microsoft Windows Virtualization
  • SVR241 – Debunking virtualization market myths and misperceptions 

If you’re looking for 300-level fun, I’d recommend attending the first-ever, public hands-on lab for Windows Server virtualization. You won’t walk away with code (it’s not public yet) from this HOL, but you’ll walk away with the ability to: configure Windows Server virtualization, create and manage VHDs, create and manage virtual network switches and VMs.

OK, OK that’s all well and good, you say. But what about using virtualization to better manage desktops? I’d recommend the following:

  • SVR345 – Terminal Services and SoftGrid used together for application delivery
  • SVR201 – Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services overview

There are other great sessions, too. But these are a few that interest me and might interest you.