With availability of Windows Server08 RC0 and the CTP of Windows Server virtualization (aka, Viridian), I’ve seen the first review/comments on Viridian CTP. eWeek’s Jason Brooks posted a review under the title “Hypervisor Showdown: Microsoft vs. VMware.” Jason’s summary is:

Along with the Release Candidate 0 build of Windows 2008 that Microsoft recently released came the debut public appearance of Microsoft’s Windows Hypervisor, once known by the code name Viridian. Based on eWEEK Labs’ early tests of the RC0 code, Microsoft’s VMware challenger appears to be off to a good start.

Of course Jason’s install had some hickups. He had to update the BIOS. For more setup guidelines, see Jeff’s post or Robert’s post. And Jason installed a Linux guest VM (rPath Mediawiki appliance), and the install “panicked shortly after boot.” As Ben points out, the CTP has limited guest support, but I’m interested to hear about SLES, RHEL and Sun guest VMs running within Viridian.

I’m looking forward to seeing others’ views/reviews of the CTP so that the beta is rockin’.