Every now and again we’ll use this blog to correct errors in the public domain, mainly by journalists or analyst trying to do a good job but who come up short on fact checking due to time constraints. Of course some of these errors are more obvious than others. The latest form of error pertains to Hyper-V within Windows Server 2008. Somehow both Greg in Australia and Mario in New York believe that Hyper-V is built on Xen [cough]. Hyper-V, the new beta feature in Windows Server 2008 RC1, running on top of Xen [cough-cough].

Maybe they’re confused over our July 2006 interop announcement with XenSource? Or maybe they take too serious the work MS Research did during the development of Xen 1.x by developing a port of Windows XP to Xen? Or maybe they’re working with Oliver Stone, who is exposing yet another cover-up?

Can you imagine GPL code running in the Windows kernal (hypervisor layer) … now that’d be something. I think Jim Allchin would come out of retirement for that one 😉

Mario and Greg – a picture is worth a thousand words. I hope the following two diagrams help you and your sources.